One piece: who is Portgas D. Ace?

Although they are not tied by blood, Ace looks a lot like his adoptive brother Luffy. Despite this, Ace is taller and more muscular, he has freckles on the cheeks he inherited from his mother. He is used to raising his left eyebrow which gives him a skeptical look. His features are reminiscent of Gol D. Roger, his biological father.

The tattoos of Ace are most remarkable. There is one on the back, which represents the symbol of Whitebeard; a cross in purple bones with a head with large white mustaches above. He describes this symbol as his pride. He also has another tattoo on his left arm, which represents the letters “ASCE” written vertically with the “S” crossed out.

Ace wears a shirt that he leaves open since he has the tattoo of Whitebeard, but after, he remains shirtless, except in the islands with winter climate. He wears black shoes and knee-length shorts with a belt with the letter “A” on the buckle. He wraps a blue satchel around his left leg. On his left hand, Ace carries a Log Pose and a red and white bracelet, he also puts a necklace with big red beads and he wears an orange hat crowned with two smileys, one crying and the other smiling.

Ace has unfortunately lost his hat, which he had since his departure at East Blue, during his fight with Teach. He has a dagger hung at the waist, which apparently was confiscated after his defeat. After his death, we see Ace’s hat and knife hanging on his grave.

At the meal level, Ace sometimes fell asleep in the middle of a mouthful and woke up a few minutes later as if nothing had happened, prompting The Straw Hat Crew to wonder if Ace was really the brother of their Captain. He had as big an appetite as Luffy. He was also smarter, more helpful and more polite, one realizes in Luffy’s flashbacks that Ace was not always so.

He learned, in the greatest difficulty, courtesy from Makino in thanking Shanks for saving Luffy during his youth.

He sometimes behaved like his brother: he fell asleep anytime, anywhere, and no matter how. But he could be very serious, especially when it comes to his crew or his family.

He also had the annoying habit of eating in a restaurant and leaving without paying. Ace had a motto: “You have to live your life thoroughly and without regret” and he was sticking to it. In spite of that he wondered regularly if he deserved to live. He found a positive answer to this question during the war at the summit, which filled him with joy.

As the name suggests, Portgas D. Ace also carried the “Will of the D” that he surely inherited from his father Gol D. Roger and his mother Portgas D. Red. He was therefore bound to a great destiny, but he preferred to sacrifice his life to save his little brother, dying with a smile as his late father had done.

Like Robin, his desire to live came through Luffy.

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