One piece: who is Sabo ?

Who is Sabo in KIX4TUBE

One piece: who is Sabo ?

Sabo is Luffy’s brother. Indeed, when they were only kids from the same village playing pirate and dreaming of adventures to discover the great blue, Sabo, Ace and Luffy made a blood pact that will bind them forever and creating then the siblings that we know.

Brawlers and rebels, the 3 brothers had become inseparable as their dream of adventure was not only fantasy but the announcer of an extraordinary destiny for these three rebels.

Sabo the adult has evolved a lot since his tragic childhood that ended in his death. Well, yes, when Sabo was younger, he drowned in the sea under the eyes of Luffy and Ace, well that’s what both bratters thought. Indeed Sabo was rescued by the captain of the army of the revolutionaries and trained to the Ryusoken, a martial art used by the most powerful characters of One Piece.

Having almost drowned, Sabo lost his memory but a tragic event illuminated his memories. After learning of the death of Ace, his brother and knowing that Luffy had also failed to get killed in this great and terrible battle, Sabo decided to find his brother, his little brother.

It is during the events of DressRosa that we officially meet Sabo who took the fruit of the demon “Mera Mera No Mi” in memory of his brother Ace forgotten. Sabo therefore protected Luffy and made good from those who believe in him. Those who believe that he will be the new great king of pirates.

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