The greatest diversion in history.

The greatest diversion in history.

The greatest diversion in history.

The ku klux klan continues its mission. Indeed, the group did not die with its creator as the system states, rather it evolved by organizing itself, weaving its web on both sides of the United States of America. Today k.k.k is protected by an incredible number of deputies, governors, senators and those at the top, but also rich donors who are all members of it in total secrecy. it is by far the largest secret racist organization of all time. The greatest diversion in history.

The ideology of the k.k.k is based on the consideration of the black man as an animal, a demon who came to earth to harm the white man in short as an abomination. The servants of this ideology are very imbued with it even in their dna.

The k.k.k created neo-Nazism and the group of white supremacists who, according to the system, would be peaceful and would only act to protest and assert their supremacy over all races. So the world considers them as groups of fools and white idiots with no real ideology, therefore harmless and not targeting any particular race. A true art of diversion, these supremacist and neo-Nazi groups are only a diversion developed by the k.k.k to continue their most important founding mission “the lynching of blacks”.

The ingenious evolution of the k.k.k is based on having infiltrated all strategic government positions and their best infiltration, you may have guessed it, it is our dear police.

Indeed, the k.k.k has infiltrated American democracy and justice, leaving blacks with no chance. They created the “African-American” distinction that differentiates blacks from whites, allowing them to be better targeted and thus declaring to the world:
– <<< Blacks are not Americans except when they are to serve us. >>

Police patrols that are in reality only hunting parties, stalking. They are looking for the slightest excuse to shoot a black man legally. They have the media, bloggers, investigators who make them look like vigilantes, heroes. They are covered on all levels.

The mission of the k.k.k is to minimize black youth, eradication at the root. It is no longer even a question of infiltration but of absorption of the system.

The various activities of the k.k.k extend to the organization of hunting parties planned and filmed for the pleasure of its enthusiasts. In the United States, you can legally kill a black man for a certain amount.

The story is long… To follow “The massacre of Mexicans at the American borders”.

What will the k.k.k do to exclude the racist reason for these crimes? :

  • Forcing a black policeman to shoot a black youth under the same suspicious conditions as we know.
  • Create the same conditions to shoot down a young white man.
    There are so many possibilities. Say it in the comments!

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