Dragon Ball Super 121 ENG SUB

Vowing to defeat the U7 team even at the cost of his own life, Paparoni unleashes U3’s final tactic and merges with Kochiarator to become the gigantic Anilaza. The Omni-Kings are impressed with the size of this four-way fusion, while the U3 God of Destruction Mosco (still speaking through his angel interpreter) is confident they can now win. Anilaza fires blasts off at every remaining warrior in the arena, forcing 17, 18, and Freeza to dodge, while Jiren simply counters with a blast of his own.

…As 17 falls, 18 jumps down and kicks him back up into the arena, effectively sacrificing herself in his place. The Great Priest announces 18’s elimination, and as she materializes in the bleachers she tells 17 not to lose. For his next trick, Anilaza grows wings and begins to fly, then forms an enormous energy ball to take out the U7 team together with the arena. The five remaining U7 members power up to counter this attack, with Goku and Vegeta going Super Saiyan Blue and Freeza charging up into his Golden form.

All five fire blasts to hold off Anilaza’s energy ball, but are gradually pushed back. Changing tactics, 17 surrounds himself in an energy shield and jumps straight through the energy ball to attack the crystal sphere in Anilaza’s forehead. Though 17 is knocked back by Anilaza’s energy, he has achieved his goal: the crystal sphere (actually Anilaza’s energy reactor) shatters, throwing him off-balance enough for Goku and co.’s blasts to overtake him with one final push…

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