Dragon Ball Super 122 ENG SUB

With the destruction of Universe 3, now only Universes 7 and 11 remain in the Tournament of Power. As the Omni-Kings wonder which will win, the Great Priest notes that the bleachers look a bit desolate with only two teams left. He uses his powers to shrink them down so that the gods and defeated contestants from the two universes (plus the gods from the exempt ones) are all now sitting side-by-side. Marcarita asks why Vados is sitting with the U7 team, and she replies that with U6 gone she plans to stick with them.

In the arena, Goku powers up into Super Saiyan Blue and begins trading blows with Jiren, rather to Vegeta’s annoyance. Goku is impressed as ever at Jiren’s power, and Jiren asks Goku why he seeks greater strength. Even Goku isn’t sure why; he just does. He asks if Jiren wants to grow stronger too, but Jiren says he wants something more than strength. While the Great Priest says Goku and Jiren’s battle will be key to the tournament’s outcome, Vegeta suddenly barges in and starts fighting Jiren himself, demanding that Jiren show him his power.

…Elsewhere, Dyspo dodges Freeza’s finger beams while he brags about being the fastest fighter in any universe. Freeza dismisses Dyspo as simply being good at running away, and Dyspo replies that Freeza must want to die again. Meanwhile Gohan and 17 go up against Toppo, with Gohan warning that they need to steer clear of Toppo’s big arms; they even gave Goku trouble!

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