Dragon Ball Super 124 ENG SUB

Goku and Vegeta have both powered up to face Jiren, and though so far Jiren has been unfazed by their attacks, Vegeta says that their fight is just beginning. Beerus cheers them on from the bleachers, saying that Universe 7 can’t win unless the two defeat Jiren. The duo push Jiren back with a series of coordinated attacks, finishing with a Kamehameha and Final Flash. Though Jiren takes these attacks head-on, he emerges seemingly undamaged.

Seeing that Jiren is raising his game, Dyspo decides to do likewise in his match against Freeza. Even Freeza thinks it’s time they stopped playing around. Though Dyspo is certainly fast, Freeza repeats Goku’s criticism from earlier, that Dyspo’s movements are too straightforward and therefore easy to predict. However, Dyspo starts moving even faster, leaving Freeza unable to follow his movements. He pummels Freeza and then uses his Circle Flash attack to finish him off. When Dyspo rushes in to knock Freeza out of bounds though, Freeza stops him with his tail.

…In the bleachers, Beerus is outraged to see Freeza once again being underhanded, though Kuririn and Piccolo think this might be another trick; they can’t just take what he says at face value. Regardless, Dyspo turns down the offer; he can tell that the evil Freeza simply wants to use him to ensure his own survival. Freeza responds by transforming into Golden Freeza; he now has no choice but to use his full power to defeat Dyspo. It’s time to start Round 2!

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