Dragon Ball Super 126 ENG SUB

N°17 refuses to give up despite Toppo’s overwhelming new God of Destruction powers. The two fire blasts at each other, but Toppo’s Destruction Energy quickly nullifies 17’s blast, and he follows up with a volley of Justice Flashes. 17 runs and tries to hide behind some rubble, but Toppo quickly tracks him down, using his Destruction Energy to clear a path straight through the rubble. Seeing how the rest of the rubble crashes down afterwards, 17 hides again, but this time manages to bury Toppo beneath a pile of rubble as it comes crashing down.

However, Toppo wastes no time in using his Destruction Energy to blast his way out, and attacks 17 with a flurry of regular ki blasts. In order to avoid destroying 17 himself (and thereby getting disqualified), Toppo charges up a large regular ki ball to finish him off, but Freeza suddenly reappears and blows up Toppo’s ki ball before it can hit 17. In return for the rough treatment he received from Toppo earlier, Freeza uses his paralysis powers to stop Toppo from moving, then hurls rocks at him via telekinesis. Toppo though remains unharmed and breaks free, forcing 17 and Freeza to shower him with ki blasts.

…Jiren and Toppo wordlessly come to an understanding, and Toppo goes after Vegeta as his next opponent, overwhelming him with a barrage of Justice Flashes. In the bleachers, the U7 team is concerned about Goku and Vegeta being split up like this; now that they’re no longer able to team up against Jiren, the situation looks grim. Vegeta fires a Final Flash at Toppo, but he nullifies it with Destruction Energy. Vegeta may have powered up, but Toppo remains unimpressed. For his part, Vegeta can tell Toppo is far stronger than he was before, but he is still determined to win and keep his promise to Cabba and the others.

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