Dragon Ball Super 127 ENG SUB

More fighting proves equally ineffective; when Jiren blocks Vegeta’s punch, he compliments it as being good enough to defeat Toppo, but not enough to beat him. Jiren retaliates with one of his own fiery punches, then follows up by erasing Goku’s Kamehameha with a mere uppercut. However, Jiren is caught off-guard by 17, who hits him with a point-blank range from behind. 17 is caught up in the explosion from his own attack and injured, but he still manages to wound Jiren in the back. Angered, Jiren counterattacks, but 17 retreats and joins back up with Goku.

While 17 is only barely OK, this last exchange has demonstrated that even Jiren can be damaged if hit unguarded by such a large attack. If they use coordinated attacks to create an opening and then attack Jiren with an even bigger attack, they might be able to win. Goku and Vegeta will go draw Jiren’s attention, leaving 17 to prepare another attack. As Goku and Vegeta furiously tag-team Jiren, 17 fires off a blast, but Jiren won’t fall for the same trick twice, and easily counters. Jiren rushes at 17, who creates a series of barriers to block him, but he smashes through them all and attacks.

As Jiren blocks a beam from 17, Goku tells Vegeta that the three of them should attack him all at once. While 17 continues his beam attack, Goku and Vegeta fire their own beams at Jiren from different directions, but Jiren blocks all three beams with his fiery aura. With the rest of the team knocked to the ground, Freeza suddenly reappears and attacks Jiren, determined to kill him regardless of the tournament rules. Though he becomes Golden Freeza once more, Jiren wastes no time knocking him off into the distance, where he passes out again.… Watch the video

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