Dragon Ball Super 121 VOSTFR

L’histoire est la suite directe du manga Dragon Ball. Les événements se passent peu après la mort de Majin Boo. L’histoire est écrite directement par Akira Toriyama et ne prend…

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Dragon Ball Super 120 VOSTFR

Les Omni-Kings passent en revue l’état actuel du tournoi, voyant que de nombreux guerriers ont été éliminés et qu’il ne reste plus que trois univers . Bien que le tournoi…

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Dragon Ball Super 129 ENG SUB

The biggest difference is obviously the shirt, first and foremost! After all the hoopla over “Shirtless Vegeta” in the latest episode, “Shirtless Goku” is looking to come and claim that…

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Dragon Ball Super 128 ENG SUB

No.17 has sacrificed himself to rescue Goku and Vegeta, but Jiren remains unimpressed; he is fully confident that the two are far too weak to possibly defeat him. With Goku…

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Dragon Ball Super 127 ENG SUB

More fighting proves equally ineffective; when Jiren blocks Vegeta’s punch, he compliments it as being good enough to defeat Toppo, but not enough to beat him. Jiren retaliates with one…

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Dragon Ball Super 126 ENG SUB

N°17 refuses to give up despite Toppo’s overwhelming new God of Destruction powers. The two fire blasts at each other, but Toppo’s Destruction Energy quickly nullifies 17’s blast, and he…

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Dragon Ball Super 125 ENG SUB

Goku and Vegeta continue to tag-team Jiren, but despite all the attacks the throw at him (including another Final Flash from Vegeta), Jiren still isn’t even sweating. Over in the…

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Dragon Ball Super 124 ENG SUB

Goku and Vegeta have both powered up to face Jiren, and though so far Jiren has been unfazed by their attacks, Vegeta says that their fight is just beginning. Beerus…

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Dragon Ball Super 123 ENG SUB

Struggling to his feet, Vegeta says he can tell Jiren still hasn’t used his full power. Taking over from where Vegeta left off, Goku powers up to fight Jiren once…

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Dragon Ball Super 122 ENG SUB

With the destruction of Universe 3, now only Universes 7 and 11 remain in the Tournament of Power. As the Omni-Kings wonder which will win, the Great Priest notes that…

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